Art and Photography courses

Based in beautiful south-west France

Short courses in art and photgraphy offered by Louise Perfect (artist) and George Perfect (photographer). See Louise's work on her website and George's photography at his website. Our short workshop courses help people improve their watercolour painting and photography skills. Whatever your level of ability you will learn new techniques and creative ideas to improve the images you produce.

Both Art and Photography combine a mix of creativity and technical ability. Our courses aim to inspire you to see new images and new ways of looking at the world around you - then teach you the technical skills you need to turn the image you see into an image on paper.

The courses are short (just two days long) and small (a normal maximum of 4~5 students) so you are assured of plenty of individual attention.

Our classes are based at the very southern tip of the Charente-Maritime in south-west France - equidistant between the cities of Bordeaux, Cognac and Angouleme. Our premises have a large, fully equipped art studio and equally large space for image editing.

Our premises are  fully accessible with flat, wheelchair access from the parking area, accessible toilet and wheelchair access throughout the ground floor. Please contact us to discuss your access needs before you book - we're here to help .

Art courses

Whether you are an experienced artist in search of new ideas or have never picked up a paint-brush before our painting workshops will introduce you to new techniques and give the opportunity to apply them as you create images in our studio or at one of the beautiful nearby locations.

Art is a mix of technique and creativity - as new techniques are introduced you will learn how to apply them - then be encouraged to create new artworks - inspired by the beautiful environment in which we live. Whether your interests lie in nature, landscapes, architecture ... you will find plenty of subject material on hand.

Your tutor, Louise, works in watercolour, acrylic, oil, pastel, ink and combinations of any of these. She will be happy to introduce you to a new medium or show you how to combine them to obtain an effect you are looking for. To see some of her work visit her website at louiseart.anadigi,net

Class sizes are small - typically no more than 4 ~ 5 per course. Your tutor is a professional educator by training and the courses (at whatever skill level you may need) are well prepared and you will be given plenty of individual attention to ensure you make smooth progress.




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Photography courses

Whatever your skill level, camera equipment and your subject interests our courses will help you create better images. You will learn new ways to use your camera, new ways of looking at subjects and editing techniques that boost your creativity helping you to create better images that are closer to your aim and which you can proudly show or share.

Beginner or expert, if you want to take better photos, we will show you how.

We are fortunate to have plenty of interesting scenery and subject-matter for other types of photography right here on site so you will not be short of inspiration.

If time is spent off-site, we needn't go far to find interesting towns, wildlife or even fast moving subjects to practice skills needed for subjects such as motor racing.

Your tutor, George, has over 50 years of experience taking and making photographs all over the world in all sorts of situations. To see some of his work visit his website at

Class sizes are small - typically no more than 4 ~ 5 per course ensuring plenty of individual attention.